About Us

Live Lures, LLC is a company committed to providing the best fishing experience with lures that simulate live bait. Our first lure in the series is called the WICKED RIG (Patent No: US 11,337,410 B2). 

You don’t jig or swim this worm up and down; rather, it curls and squirms like a real worm! With strategic thinking we are able to bring this lure to market to let YOU, the fisherman, curl this worm as though it were REAL.

We invite you to view our videos on our site to see the Curlin' Worm in action. Do not take our word for it. Try it for yourself. It is our belief that after you experience our Wicked Rigs (weighted jigheads, or with our wieghtless hook with our floating worms), you will understand that there is no plastic worm rig in the industry that quite does what our Wicked Rigs and curling action can do.

Strike after strike, you will want to go fishing!